1. BJ Novak wrote a list today, one four days ago, then two lists two weeks ago...
  2. ...then a couple of lists three weeks ago.
  3. So, like, if BJ Novak isn't listing on the regular, that seems like not a great thing.
  4. Maybe he's just been adding to lists instead of writing new ones?
  5. I don't know. I may be totally wrong here. But it feels to me like everyone, on average is listing less, and less often, and that lists are often less personal. I know that's true for me! But it feels like li.st is sort of fading.
  6. I'm still disgruntled about not being able to save drafts. I know; this is a free app and I have no right to bitch. Yet here I am, still very annoyed about it.
  7. And I know that Li.St doesn't care whether I stay or not. I'm just one guy.
  8. Sometimes I feel like I'm a relationship where the other person is ready to break it off, but they're being lazy about it and I'm being clingy so we're just sort of limping along. Eventually you get clues. This feels like a clue to me.
  9. Giphy