Ahhh, youth.
  1. Setting: 9th grade, school hallway.
  2. I was hanging out with my friend Kent, a giant nerd of the highest order.
    We were peas in a pod.
  3. Sara Jackson, head cheerleader, most popular girl in school walked by.
    I had a giant crush on her. Giant, I tell you!
  4. Kent was wearing a sweatshirt.
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    Sort of like this, but it read "Ski Jackson Hole."
  5. Sara stopped, looked at us, looked at Kent's shirt and walked over.
  6. She looked pissed.
  7. She said "Jackson's Hole?"
  8. She pointed her finger and JABBED Kent in the chest and said "DON'T EVER WEAR THAT SHIRT AGAIN, KENT!"
  9. And she walked away.
  10. We were stunned.
  11. Kent gets this faraway look in his eyes and said, all dreamy-like...
  12. "Sara Jackson knows my name."
  13. I nearly wet my pants laughing.