Just some thoughts I've been having about Li.St lately.
  1. If you're a Beta, or if you joined in 2015 (I hate the term "gamma" because I think it's bullshit) you probably felt like there weren't cliques on li.st. Everyone chimed in about that at one point back in the day.
  2. Maybe you've joined more recently - if so, do you feel that there are cliques here on Li.St?
  3. If you're a Beta or joined early on, do you feel that there weren't cliques before but there are now? Or there still aren't?
  4. I wonder.
  5. I don't see bullying much on here; it's happened but pretty mildly compared to other aspects of online life.
  6. But here's what I do see that makes me inclined to think that maybe there are not only cliques, but that I'm part of one.
  7. I follow just over 400 people and have a hair over 500 followers. Compared to a lot of people on twitter or IG, that's tiny.
  8. But mostly I interact with a very small group. I try to ❤️ lists no matter if I follow the lister or not. But after that one disastrous update that did away with Trending and Featured it's hard to see new listers.
  9. As a result I see lists mostly from the same roughly 100 people. And I think most of my lists are seen by that generally same 100 listers.
  10. Are we a clique?
  11. Maybe the term clique is wrong. Circle? Is that a better term?
  12. I think that clique implies keeping people out. I don't mean that.
  13. So let's say "circle" instead. Are we a small circle of friends who see each other's lists but very few other people's lists?
  14. Are there other circles with similar people writing similar lists, but we just never see them?
  15. Is there another @Boogie out there killing it like ours is? Is there another @andersun that can ask 15 "I'm _____, AMA" questions and have all of them be interesting and fun? Is there another sweet @Heartsounds around? Is there another @shadowman that loves cats and is the nicest guy in town?
  16. I mean, come on, do they have someone who thinks they can challenge our very own @sarahmccoy on Disney movie trivia? Please. She probably spells her name "Sara." Lame.
  17. Is there an alternate @lexie_elyse who thinks she's half as cool as our Lexie? (Spoiler, she isn't. Ours rules!) Is there some lame-ass comedian who thinks they're as good as @mallofamanda? (Spoiler, our Amanda is way better! ❤️) is there some other dipshit thinking he's cool by posting endless lists about bumper stickers? (Spoiler - both lame)
  18. Here's my point. There are, I'm guessing, 350,000 people on li.st. Why do I see so few? Is it just groups that have found each other but don't know about the other "circles?"
  19. Please weigh in with your thoughts.
  20. Static
    So you're proposing a Bizarro List?
    Suggested by @andersun
  21. Algorithm. They show you who you interact with to ensure that no new people are ever welcomed onto the app and it dies a slow death.
    @list am I right?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  22. Agree with @sarahte -I think the "cliques" (more exclusivity) different from @sarahmccoy 's thought of "circles" (more community) have moved to the Twitter-sphere
    Suggested by @kate81
  23. First, thank you @pili_ervin for your kind words about me. I am grateful and humbled, yet feel undeserving. Regarding the list membership...
    I guess I am not sure if we have become a much smaller community, or is it that because we know each other so much better that the community feels smaller.
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  24. I was warmly welcomed when I joined List in May, 2016. It gave me confidence to keep listing, commenting (perhaps my favorite thing to do), and following clever, thoughtful, and caring people.
    I've had similar thoughts to yours about others on list—I'm always surprised when someone I just found has hundreds of lists—how have our paths not crossed before‽ When the "choose your list recipient feature was added—due to lifelong feeling that I'm very forgettable—I feared lists would be published without me. 😔
    Suggested by @Dashelamet
  25. PART 2, since I hit publish when I was trying to move my cursor. Grr.
    I don't know if there are little circles running underneath the post to everyone lists, but I don't feel left out. I do make a point of seeking out new Listers, but I often click on new names only to find they haven't posted a list since 2015. I enjoy the circle of regular pals I see daily, and I'm fairly certain there are other circles just like mine/ours. Not from any effort to make cliques, I just think there's only so much time to read and comment ... and that algorithm thing, I suppose.
    Suggested by @Dashelamet
  26. I feel like it's more intersecting circles.
    Personally, it's like moving between groups in high school. Sometimes you hang with just your best friend. Sometimes it's with the popular kids and sometimes with the nerds. And there's value in each one.
    Suggested by @angela3950
  27. I was warmly welcomed when I joined in February of 2016 but I have noticed a huge change just lately. I really only see about the same 35 people. Maybe I'm not as connected as others, but the names you mentioned are pretty much the ones I see.
    Suggested by @julieann718
  28. I get what you're saying, but I don't know if "cliques" is the right word, the way I see it.
    Clique (to me) means a group of friends that keeps together intentionally. I don't think there are cool kids or mean girls or whatever like there once was. I blame the algorithm, because I only see the same people no matter how much I try to welcome newcomers, seek out people I haven't read before, expand my horizons. I see the same lists constantly, too. Like three times in my feed, in one visit. That's messed up. 😠
    Suggested by @jhope71