Life Listing The Portland Snowstorm.

Hey East Coasters, I'm kidding. It's not a real snowstorm.
  1. This is the snow. We have about an inch of snow.
  2. I picked up my daughter from her work 45 minutes ago. We've made it about 6 blocks. Maybe.
  3. It's not even anything. It's snowing fairly hard, but it accumulating much. Yet traffic is at a standstill. The entire greater Portland area is a parking lot.
  4. We just hit 4 mph for like 8 seconds and my daughter said "Wow. That was like a high speed chase just now."
  5. I've made it another block. I'm on my way to pick up my wife from her work, about ten miles away. This doesn't look good. I'm glad I filled my car up with gas yesterday.
  6. I drive a Honda Pilot and have slid exactly once for about 1/8 of a second.
  7. This is a two lane road but nobody is coming down. Those cars on the left slid there, now stuck.
  8. Whoopsies.
    I made it up this hill without a slip.
  9. Stopping at Subway.
  10. I left work at 3:05, stopped to pick up my daughter on the way and just got home at 7:40. That trip would normally take 20 minutes max.
  11. Home sweet home.
  12. Update on the work aspect of this. I work at a middle school, and because of the snow we had early dismissal: 3:00 instead of 3:35, so not much difference. There were so many kids still there that two staff members broke into the kitchen and made grilled cheese and microwave popcorn for 100 kids at 6:00. The last kid got picked up at 9:00.
  13. My best friend drove for over four hours to make it the six miles home. She said that the news reported that there are still kids at various schools around town. It's crazy! One bus came back to my school around 7:00 after not being able to get kids to their homes in the hills.
  14. And al this with maybe 1 inch of accumulation. Granted, the roads are really slippery. One friend drove the three miles to her house and was in two accidents. I saw cars on the side of the road like crazy- probably 200 cars abandoned at odd angles, sometimes on sidewalks or in ditches.
  15. This morning I took my wife to work and on my return trip I counted 151 abandoned vehicles, including 1 utility trailer and 12 semi trucks. There were at least a dozen cars just left dangerously in the middle of a lane of traffic.
  16. I also got to see this adorable guy about two blocks from my house. So cute!