1. This is confusing.
  2. Why are there so many characters?
  3. Him who are they all?
  4. Why did they shoot that guy? They didn't even know who he was or if he was a criminal!!!
  5. The first shot of Humphrey Bogart is of him smoking.
    That would never happen today.
  6. Some of this acting is truly terrible!
  7. Ingrid Bergman looks so young!!
  8. Why is she interested in this man who is SO much older than her?
  9. Some of these scenes make no sense.
  10. How can Sam okay the piano like that and pay so much attention to the drama and politics around the bar? He knows who's walking in as the door opens.
  11. "Here's looking at you, kid" isn't as impressive as I expected it to be.
  12. Does anyone at all ever drink straight liquor and look / feel as satisfied as I am / do when I drink water?
    How do they not scrunch up their faces and gag?
  13. There's a lot of smoking in this movie.
  14. There are a lot of thin mustaches too.
  15. I can't even keep track of who is who.
  16. Is everyone made of money? Some people seem to be broke, but everyone drinks like fish.
  17. Before watching, I thought the name of the bar was Casablanca.
  18. Everyone seems to know everyone.
  19. People get shot and other people barely look up from their drinks.
    Who are these cold, cold people?
  20. Rick's restaurant management style seems to be to be rude to customers, drink heavily at times and tell Sam to keep playing. That's it.
  21. IDK, I'm bored and started making dinner. It's still on.
    My mother in law is still watching and I think she's as confused as I am.
  22. Paninis!
  23. I was really bored towards the end and still found it confusing.
    I'm dreadfully sorry if this is your favorite movie, because I probably pissed you off.
  24. Why so much shooting that just goes unpunished?
  25. Didn't care for the ending.
  26. I don't know why I waited so long to watch this. I'm glad it's over.