Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Age
    53 which means I'm older than almost all of you little punks.
  2. Height
    6'1" which means I'm taller than most of you except @franksars and @biz I think. I'm a midget next to either of them.
  3. Number of people I've talked into joining The List App
    2.5 Two joined, one is looking into it and I hope she does.
  4. Number of times I've been blackout drunk
    0. But I puked form overdrinking one time and learned my lesson. Never again. I was 24.
  5. Number of unicycles I own
    7, I think.
  6. Highest number of balls I can juggle
    4, but almost 5.
  7. Number of DVDs I own
  8. Number of books I own
    Over a thousand, easily
  9. Number of copies of Fight Club I own
    Counting books, DVDs, VHS and soundtrack, probably 20
  10. Number of times per year I read Fight Club, on average, since I first read it ten years ago
    2. We're well into February here and I haven't read it yet. I'm getting itchy.
  11. Number of minutes it takes me to solve a Rubik's Cube
    About 2-1/2. I could do it in under a minute in the early '80s but totally lost the ability. I'm glad I figured it out again.
  12. Age I was when I met my wife
  13. Number of years I've been married
    32 we dated for 4 years, 2 days before we got married.
  14. Number of my girlfriend's parents who cried when we told them we had gotten engaged
    2. Tears of sorrow. They were hoping for better for their little girl.
  15. Number of times I've read The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings
  16. Number of bootlegs of Dave Matthews Band concerts I own
    Somewhere between 125 and 150.
  17. Number of complete tours of Pearl Jam bootlegs I own
    2 sort of. 2013 of Pearl Jam and 2013 of Eddie Vedder's solo tour. Plus lots of random Pearl Jam bootlegs from other tours.
  18. Number of lists I made on The List App before I got my second ❤️
    TWELVE! And some of them were good, damnit.
  19. Number of times I've been to Hawaii
    About 30. Probably 20 of which were to Maui.
  20. Number of hobbies I've had as an adult that I've "totally" been into
    Probably 30. Juggling. Making steel drums. Guitar. Unicycling. Rubik's Cube. Reading. Writing. Kite flying. Running. Triathlons. Rollerblading. Home movies. Hiking. GoPro. I'm starting to get into my drone right now, combined with my GoPro.
  21. Largest number of lists I've published in a day
    4. Today.