List idea stolen from Brett Gerig @supabg who made a great list.
  1. How much I've spent on securing every cover of each edition of the Fight Club 2 graphic novel.
  2. The number of times I've been on FB on a computer, and out of boredom pulled out my phone to check FB before realizing that I was already on. Embarrassing!
    BTW, this doesn't happen anymore since I've discovered The List App. Whew!
  3. Number of times I have paused while reading a book to look up a word on my dictionary app.
    Dictionary app - one of my favorite things about smart phones!
  4. The number of times I've been reading a paper book and long pressed a word to make the definition pop up, like when using a smart phone or a Kindle.
  5. Gallons of saliva kids at school have drooled on me. In my 15 years working in SpEd, I've had a few droolers. It can be pretty gross.
    I literally have drool on me right now.
  6. The number of hobbies I've started.
    Juggling. Rubik's Cube. Making a steel drum. Playing steel drum. Unicyclist. Juggling. Guitar. Hackey Sack. Fiction writing. Making videos (pre YouTube!). Juggling again. Rubik's Cube again. Art. And...and...and...
  7. Percentage of stores I've ever been in that I still remember where the restrooms are.
    I pee constantly, so I always know where the restrooms are.
  8. Number of times I've seen Mean Girls.
    Hundreds. Literally.