Metal Detecting Finds, Vol 2

  1. Today I went to Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, OR and did a bit of detecting.
  2. I found:
  3. Part of a melted beer can.
  4. Rusty lid from an aluminum can.
  5. Part of an extremely melted beer can.
  6. Ace cider bottle cap.
  7. An extremely rusty nail.
  8. I also picked up some garbage.
  9. Including a broken, purple frisbee.
  10. I've also started a Detectorist Journal.
  11. To keep track of my detecting.
  12. This is my favorite beach in Oregon, and I've been here dozens and dozens of times. I still don't know the name of this beach.
  13. This beach is probably 400 yards wide and maybe 10 miles long, unbroken. It's got the softest sand, mostly white, but with some black mixed in at places.
  14. This seagull watched me for five minutes in case I wanted to throw crackers to it. Sadly, I had no crackers. It's hard to tell from this picture of course, but he was about ten feet from me.
  15. I found absolutely nothing of value today, but once again I had a blast. What fun!