Metal Detecting Finds, Vol 4

  1. Today I went detecting in beautiful Cook Park, nearish my house.
  2. I found 4 beer bottle caps and picked up a straw.
  3. One beer cap said "A Prost to: Walk-In Closets."
  4. As I was detecting I saw something right in the bushes straight ahead of me, about ten feet away. In a small bunch of bushes was a small tent and other stuff that made me realize that I almost walked right into a homeless person.
  5. That was the end of my detecting for the day. I'm not scared of homeless people, but I've read in multiple books that as a whole, homeless people do not like people prying around their encampment. I was about done anyway, so called it time to quit.
  6. Next time, I plan to go to a park that I think isn't really open anymore but was used pretty heavily a long time ago. I'm not even sure it's still there, but I'm going to find out.