More stuff stuck to cars.

All photos my own. All taken while not driving. Or at least while at a stop light.
  1. I never saw this evolutionary step coming.
  2. I laughed so hard when I saw this. The two women I was with did not.
  3. Hmmm.
  4. Trump supporter.
  5. V creative!
  6. This one is full of information that tells how they feel. Let's start at the top where there's some kind of thing attached to the canopy, which reads "MONITUS...DIFFIDENTIA IMPERIUM...DUBIUM POTESTAS" translation below.
    "Warning - Distrust the law - control power." It's Latin and I'm guessing on the exact meaning. It could also mean basically "Warning, I don't trust our government and neither should you." Roughly. Maybe it's a militia saying, but I couldn't find that.
  7. Then let's move on to the window of the canopy.
    "MULT" is short for Multnomah, which is the county where Portland is. They're fed up with the city, county and state. Obvs. I find it interesting that out of al government agencies they singled out the DMV.
  8. No picture of this list one, dang it. I wish I could have whipped around and followed the guy, and taken a picture, but couldn't, due to traffic. In any case I saw a guy about 75 years old driving an old beater Ford pickup, and on the tailgate he's stuck those letters you buy at Home Depot to put on your mailbox.