Inspired by @jaidub
  1. Mr. T
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  2. An Ice T biopic. Working title: That's Mr. Ice T, Fool.
  3. Prequel to American Gigalo. Working title: T Bone.
  4. Infomercial about the innovative new tea maker by Mr. Coffee. Working title: Mr. Tea.
  5. Sequel to Matthew McConaughey's treasure hunting movie in which Mr. T finds many, many necklaces beneath the sea. Working title: I Pity The Fool's Gold.
  6. Mr. T and Elizabeth Berkley start a coed exotic dance bar. Both are co-owners and performers. Working title: Strip T's.
  7. Buddy film starring Mr. T and T Pain, set in Victorian England. Working title, T Party.
  8. Biopic starring Mr. T as both Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicholas, about their untold rivalry to see who can get to the links first each morning. Working title: Mr. Tee Time.