I'm not resolving to do this. Some will happen, some won't, and that's cool.
  1. Read harder, read more.
    Read harder. Thanks @bookriot In 2013 I set a goal of read a book every other week - 26 books - and ended up reading almost 60 books. My friend @fade read 75 that year! My goal this year is to read 60 books.
  2. Be more generous
    I'd like to find a food bank and donate regularly to it.
  3. Spend more time with friends.
    I'm talking about you @fade
  4. Be more chill when driving.
    This is one I've been working on for quite a few years now. I try to not get stressed if someone cuts me off. I really don't know their story and should just give them a break.
  5. Take more pictures and get more pictures developed.
    And frame some.
  6. Play with my GoPros more.
  7. Learn to fly my drone really well.
    I'm one of the many people who got a drone for Xmas and it's one I can strap my GoPro cameras to (one at a time!). I don't want to make cruddy, shaky videos because I can't fly well.
  8. Hike.
    I love hiking and haven't done any for a couple of years. I live in Oregon and there is good hiking within a very short drive of my house.
  9. Spend more time outdoors.
    I did that somewhat this last year...sort of. I bought a new house and it has a great outdoor living room and I used that regularly, which was good. But I want to spend more time in parks and near rivers and lakes.
  10. Write more and better lists on The List App.
  11. Read more.
    I know this is already on the list, but let's be real. Once isn't enough.
  12. Organize my music on my iPods.
    My son screwed them up and I need it fixed. One iPod for studio albums. One iPod for live bootlegs. One iPod with all of the Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam that I own.