Obviously, I have a problem. Also, I know I missed some. Sorry.
  1. This is my 365th list. I wanted to get to 365 before my 1st year was up so I'd average at least one list per day. Made it!
  2. Jessica's list: 5 Movies I Would Base A Restaurant Theme On ➕ 5 Movies I Would Base a Restaurant Theme On
  3. I convinced Britt Maag to draw a picture of the Fight Club guys in a list called:A DRAWING OF TYLER DURDEN AND THE NARRATOR FROM FIGHT CLUB LOOKING HAPPY ✏️ A Drawing of Tyler Durden and the Narrator From Fight Club Looking Happy ✏️
    Not a suggestion, but I think this should be included. Also, Britt Maag is an amazing illustrator.
  4. Brett Gerig's list about movies he hasn't seen. Movies I'm Too Afraid to Tell People I Haven't Seen
    This was just in the comment section, but Brett edited his list because of my obsession.
  5. My own list about whom I'd like to be my Siri voice. Who I Want to Be My Siri Voice
  6. Amy Rudge's list BOOKS ALL TEENS SHOULD READ??➕ Books All Teens Should Read??
  7. @michellejennifer made a list of PRIZED POSSESSIONS and I made a suggestion of a bar of soap my daughter carved for me. PRIZED POSSESSIONS
  8. 5 REASONS WHY THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NEVER READ OR WATCHED 'FIGHT CLUB' SHOULD DO SO was requested by Eric @andersun and I made it here: 5 Reasons Why Those of You Who Have Never Read or Watched 'Fight Club' Should Do So
  9. @PeteOnEarth made a great list of new Fight Club rules, and @andersun tagged me. This is one funny, creative list that I wish I had thought of. [🎥] LESSER-KNOWN RULES OF FIGHT CLUB
  10. Things people say about Fight Club. https://li.st/l/5nmL27ZsA4zK4ziZCyOZWM
  11. James Lucas's list, Ten Books I've Read More Than Once. 10 Books I Have Read More Than Once
  12. Tyler Feder's (@roaringsoftly) list I'm A HOT MESS AMA 🤓➕ I'M A HOT MESS AMA 🤓
  13. @LadyVader wrote a list of BOOKS I'VE READ MORE THAN ONCE, and Fight Club was mentioned and the wonderful @kcupcaker mentioned me. Books I Have Read More Than Once
  14. @alexdwyer63 made the list Films I've Watched A Billion Times. Obviously I commented. Films I've Watched A Billion Times
  16. Karla's (@karlalucia ) list 🌎 Record ➕
  17. Soon I'll make a list of all the Fight Club stuff I own. It's a surprising lot of stuff.
  18. Edited: I forgot I made this list about Fight Club 2. Fight Club 2!