1. Spencer, my best friend in 1st grade.
    I moved away and have never seen him since. I often wonder what became of him.
  2. No best friend in 2nd grade. I went to three different schools that year and went from being a stellar student to a near straight F student, and never recovered.
  3. Gordon, 3rd grade. He was two years older than me and really a dick. He tried to kiss me once, in a very aggressive manner, and I shoved him away and we got into a very brief fist fight, the only fist fight of my life.
    I moved away and never saw him again. I don't miss him.
  4. Roger Abrahamsson, 4th grade. His home life was a disaster. His parents were hard, heavy alcoholics and his life reflected that.
    We drifted apart but were still friendly. I believe he dropped out of school in Jr. High.
  5. Rob McCurdy and Ryan Miller, 5th grade - high school, off and on. Both were great friends and jerks, depending on the day or if they wants to do stuff without me.
    We drifted apart mid way through high school and I don't miss either one.
  6. Nathan Skiller, 6th grade. We were friends at times, and not at at other times. He was closeted gay and never came out.
    He killed himself a year out of high school and it really shook me.
  7. Richard Henderson, 9th grade. Richard was really the first black person I met, and our friendship changed my life.
    I moved away 10 months after meeting him. (Side note. I briefly dated his older sister, and their mom chased me out of their house while trying to beat me with a broom handle while her kids yelled dodging strategy at me)
  8. My wife, 10th grade - now. This is such a cop out answer. Obviously your spouse is your best friend. For the purpose of this list, this doesn't count.
    We've been married for nearly 34 years and still going strong.
  9. Glenn Schwabauer, age 20 - 22. We worked together at a grocery store and got along like lifelong best friends until he discovered Rush Limbaugh and discovered that I'm a bleeding heart liberal.
    He moved away and never answered my letters. He still has my guitar.
  10. Many years without a best friend or really any friends at all.
  11. Steed Martin - not that Steve Martin - age about 30 - 40. We never met except online. We went from weekly emails about Jimmy Buffett to texting 20 times a day and loads of phone calls.
    One day I realized that he had dropped down to about a text every other day. Then after maybe two weeks of that he completely dropped off the face of the earth. Oddly, his wife has friended me on FB. I don't get it.
  12. gina, from age 38 to present. She was my boss at first, then she got transferred to another school, then to another, then I got transferred to that school. We worked together for two years there and she was transferred again. She's the best friend I've ever had in my entire life.
    I think we'll be best friends for the rest of our lives unless one of us moves out of state. On the rare day when we don't text each other I feel kind of lost.
  13. When I worked for gina we were strictly professional coworkers with great admiration and respect for each other, in large part due to job performance. When she got transferred I wrote her an email telling her how much I admired her and that I was really going to miss her. She replied. I replied. Now we're best friends.
    I'm so thankful I put myself out there and told her how much I enjoyed working with her.
  14. Side note. Most of my friends (as opposed to best friends) have always been women. Every single one of them, their boyfriends or husbands always hate me. Always. All of them. I'm not trying to be anything except friends with any of them, but not matter; husbands unilaterally hate me. Except gina's husband, who likes me. Weird.
  15. Second side note. gina spells her name with a lower case g. Sometimes I've called her "lower case gina" but mostly I call her "fade."