1. Going for a skid record at Jon Tigges' house in 6th grade.
    I was on a borrowed bike, going full speed on the pavement. The skid contest began where pavement became gravel. Right before the gravel the chain came off and the pedals locked up, sending me forward. I accidentally turned the handlebars sideways and launched over them, skidding head first into the gravel. My dad tweeted gravel out of my head for over an hour.
  2. Riding Paul Kilgore's bike up by East Hill, with Paul riding in the handlebars.
    We hit a pothole and the bike stopped moving. Paul flew off the handlebars and skidded in the gravel for about ten feet. I also flew off the bike and also landed on my feet, skidding in the gravel for about five feet, dragging the bike between my knees. We were both barefoot.
  3. Skiing with Glenn Schwabauer on Mt. Hood.
    I hit an unseen mogul and did a full windmill / washing machine maneuver. My skis flew off, as did my poles, gloves, hat and goggles. I tumbled for a long ways. Glenn, thankfully, was filming and laughed hysterically, finally stopping long enough to insincerely ask if I was okay, only to bust out laughing again