We work at a middle school and he's an administrator. I'm a lowly Instructional Assistant in Special Ed.
  1. When this occurs, class is going on and we are the only two in the empty hall.
    There's no excuse.
  2. We're walking down an empty hallway, towards each other.
    Ugly green lockers. This isn't exactly to scale, but the camera will stay right behind me as we walk towards each other. Please note the douchey smile he has pasted on his face. It is very insincere. Also, I have long, grey hair. Well, mostly grey, and sort of long. Compared to his almost crew cut, I'm a hippie. Also, he dyes his hair.
  3. The halls are empty, yet he's moving closer to my side of the hall.
    These halls are probably ten feet wide. Way wider than necessary for two people to pass each other without touching. His tie is red. Red for power. He always wears power ties.
  4. We're now four feet away and he's coming closer still to my side of the hall.
    I really can't move over, and besides, I've been waking straight the whole time.
  5. Then it happens. He bumps my shoulder with his.
    Right before the bump he says "Hi Bill" with that smarmy, fake smile. Dick.
  6. I'm 52 years old and he's in his late 40s. Why do we still need to play these stupid games?
  7. We WORK in a middle school, yet he's acting like we're middle school students, trying to one-up each other.
  8. He think this is a power move that will let me know where I stand in the manly hierarchy. Clearly he's The Man and I'm well below him, less manly.
  9. We've worked together for 3 or 4 years and this has happened at least a half dozen times, most recently last week. It may have happened more, but I started noticing it six or seven times ago.