1. I wear boxer briefs. In case you don't know, boxer briefs are the basic shape of boxers with the fit and support of briefs.
    They're the best!!
  2. But today mine keep slipping down.
  3. You know how sometimes socks fall down? They gather at your ankle when they're supposed to stay up? You have to keep pulling them back up?
  4. I've got that going on, sort of. The boxer briefs aren't gathering at my ankles (thank goodness!) they are slipping down.
  5. It feels a little like this.
  6. But I'm not an animal or plumber. I keep my cargo shorts up and my t shirt tucked in.
  7. No crack is showing!!!!!
  8. But also my underwear is not completely covering my ass.
  9. I'm not loving this.
  10. This probably isn't Li.St worthy, but it's weighing heavily on my mind right now.