In no order.
  1. Pearl Jam
    Tickets to this concert were a gift from the CEO of the company my wife works for. I gave him a big collection of Pearl Jam bootlegs and he gave me tickets to see them. I wasn't expecting anything and this was very generous. He still feels indebted to me.
  2. Foo Fighters.
    Dave was in his throne with a broken leg and rocked the night away. So fun!!
  3. Todd Snider
    I've seen Todd several times, each one better than the others. His stories are things of legend and I love this guy. Sometimes he sings for 4 minutes, then talks for 15. I highly recommend him.
  4. Harry Belafonte
    Harry was in his 70s when I saw him and his show was well put together but didn't look choreographed. He was funny and very entertaining.
  5. Bonus: Artists I want to see someday:
  6. Jimmy Buffett.
    I've seen Jimmy a couple of times. The first time was okay, the second time not so much. He's really sold out to the party machine. I wish I could have seen him in the '70s when he was young and didn't give a shit.
  7. The Kinks
    This was my first rock concert. We were WAY up high in cheap seats, I honestly didn't even know the band and wasn't thrilled. One interesting note is that the couple two rows in front of us had sex mid show. Right in their seats. Well...his seat.
  8. A very drunk Jerry Jeff Walker
    At an outdoor stage at a county fair roughly around 1990. There were maybe 30 people on the lawn and I thought I was at the wrong place. The stage just had a guitar, a single mic and a little amp. Then this ugly, drunk, filthy old cowboy come staggering out, picks up the guitar and proceeded to blow me away. 3 hours of songs, stories and laughter. He signed an autograph after and smelled very strongly of whiskey. Great show.
  9. Dave Matthews Band
    I'm embarrassed that I've never seen them live.
  10. Pearl Jam
    Again and again. And again. And again.
  11. Jackson Browne
  12. Jonathan Coulton
    If you don't know who this is, go to and watch this song. He's a mediocre guitar player, semi decent singer, and brilliant songwriter. Nerds for the win!