My Favorite Trader Joe's Products, Take 2, With Apologies.

With apologies to @kcupcaker and @angela3950
  1. Here's my original list on this topic. MY FAVORITE TRADER JOE'S PRODUCTS
    I was kind of a dick.
  2. I've gone a couple of times recently and have decided to be more honest. I still think some of the customers are pretentious, but the employees are top notch, super friendly, helpful and hard working.
    That damned Fearless Flyer makes me think of the Peterman catalogue from Seinfeld though.
  3. Some of my favorites then.
  4. This stuff is great!
  5. All kinds of Yes on this one. They'd get five stars if there wasn't a stupid-ass apostrophe in the name where it doesn't belong.
  6. Now we're talking!
  7. Again with the inappropriate apostrophe. Tasty though.
  8. Ho. Ly. Crap. These are amazing. I like most things coconut (except coconut water) and these are really coconutty with just a hint of lime.
  9. I know that neither of these mints are Trader Joe's brand, but I can't find them anywhere else, so TJ's gets credit.