Requested by Kelsey

My Fight Club Shrine

Fight Club is one of my favorite books AND one that I think really holds up well as a movie. Brad Pitt, of course is amazing, but Edward Norton is equally great. Helena Bonham Carter wows.
  1. I didn't mean to have a Fight Club collection / shrine, but eventually realized that I had enough, so...
  2. There's this shelf in my library.
  3. Let's break it down.
  4. Standard paperback.
  5. Movie tie-in paperback.
  6. A nice hard cover copy my friend gave me.
  7. My daughter, @PinkOnWednesdays gave me a VHS copy. Thank you! Great addition.
    I have two of these so I can display the front and back simultaneously.
  8. A standalone MP3 edition audiobook. So cool.
  9. This is the actual player. It has one thing on this MP3 player - a single book. They sold these many years ago.
  10. The back of the MP3 player with the controls. It uses a single AAA battery.
  11. Cool DVD.
  12. In flight safety card "someone" liberated from an airplane. If you've read the book you'll understand.
  13. Blu ray.
  14. A different DVD.
  15. A different Blu Ray.
  16. X Box game. So cool. I don't even have a console to play this. Sadly.
  17. Yet another DVD.
  18. You Do Not Talk About Fight Club. A book about society. I guess. I haven't read it yet.
  19. Fight Club 2 comic book collection holder.
  20. The comics.
    I made a whole list about this: Fight Club 2!
  21. Fight Club 2 comics all in one hard cover book.
  22. It's autographed!
  23. Motion picture soundtrack CD.
  24. Back if the soundtrack. Again I have two copies so both can be displayed at once.
  25. This amazing art by @brittmaag
  26. This incredible hand carved bar of soap that was an amazing gift from my wonderful, caring daughter @PinkOnWednesdays. I'm blown away by this.
  27. Obsessed? Nah.
  28. I've listed about his book before: The Book That Changed My Life Forever