My Library.

This will be an ongoing list. This just got installed today, and organization is just beginning.
  1. The left hand wall. Those shelves are ten feet tall.
  2. The corner. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the shorter shelves are six feet tall.
  3. The right hand wall continued.
  4. I'm using painter's tape to sort of map out where books will go. 000 General Works here.
  5. 200 Religion.
  6. Cookbooks go in Technology. In the 640s, generally.
  7. I'm not sure exactly how closely I'll follow the Dewey Decimal System, but at least it's a place to start. I need some kind of organization!
  8. I printed off a chart to get started, although I found a much more detailed chart than this one that I'll print and use as well.
  9. Plenty of shelves for Fiction.
  10. This shelf is my short list To Be Read Next books. Really, the whole library is largely a TBR area, but especially this shelf.
  11. My son is in his third year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Represent!
    Go Mustangs!
  12. I can't even tell you how excited I am about this. I've wanted a real library my entire adult life, and it's finally happening.
  13. This is the Hawaiian Cookbook shelf. I love Hawaiian food!
  14. On the Hawaiian Cookbook shelf are a small handful of books that aren't strictly Hawaiian, but are very related.
  15. Again, not strictly Hawaiian, but pretty well.
  16. This is a truly crappy Cookbook, but one of my treasures because it's just so damn cool. Hawaiian Microwave cooking. Who knew!
  17. And because I know someone is going to ask, yes, of course I have Hawaii's Spam Cookbook!
  18. A handful of books I inherited from my mother in law. They were my father in law's books, and some of the Tom Swifts are from 1928.
  19. Cookbook shelves 1 & 2.
  20. Cookbook shelves 3 & 4.
  21. Cookbook shelf 5.
    My wife says these are ridiculous. My daughter thinks I'm an idiot for buying cookbooks, because Pinterest.
  22. A couple of shelves in the 200 section, Religion. I've got The Bible, The Koran, The Torah, Everyman's Talmud, tarot Cards, I Ching, The Bhagavad Gita, Dianetics, The Satanic Verses, as well as books explaining, questioning, debunking and discussing religion. Religion is so important in our world, I feel that I should understand it. I'm trying.
  23. The installers used these damned shelf holders on the left for high shelves. They make it nearly impossible to remove and reposition a shelf. They're probably for safety in case of earthquake or something, but I hate them. I yanked them all out and replaced them with the ones on the right.
  24. The Fight Club shelf / shrine. I'll make a list of what all is on this shelf, eventually.
  25. Let's not forget this amazing sketch of Tyler Durden and The Narrator smiling, by the super talented @brittmaag! This sits on top of the bookshelves, on display.
  26. I've been curious how many books I've got in my library, so I went and counted tonight. 1,487. That includes the books (2) in my car, in my messenger bag (2), on the side table by my end of the couch (4), and on my bed head that are all in process (10).
  27. In addition I have 4 eReaders. My wife got me a Kindle years ago, then I got one for her, then she got me a newer, nicer one, then I inherited hers because she never uses it, then I bought one at a yard sale because it was $5 and had about 75 books loaded on it.
  28. A rundown of some of the other numbers: roughly 200 cookbooks. 6 autographed books by people I know personally. 26 books (counting comic books) that are either titled Fight Club or are Fight Club related. 11 books about poop or toilets. That last one is almost embarrassing except that they're all hilarious!
  29. I realized that I need some bookends, so I've taken to cruising through second hand shops and today I found this pair.
    They still had the original Target sticker and are clearly not anything fancy, but they look vintage and kind of cool.
  30. Bookends in action!