My Library. Now With Books!

Here's the list I made the day the shelves were installed: My Library. and now for the update.
  1. Top to bottom: Math, Einstein, Feynman, a couple of slide rules for decor; Philosophy, psychology; Computers, General nerd stuff.
  2. A backdrop of Mad Super Specials (two deep) with a collection of Mad books ranging from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s.
  3. More philosophy and psychology. I'm especially proud of both bookend situations here - the elephant and the Springsteen album / Mad Magazine spoof of the Springsteen album. I'll probably frame those at some point and display them elsewhere.
  4. Religious gospels and religious theory books.
  5. Children's books and an empty shelf.
  6. Economics and reference resource books.
  7. These are generally science type books.
  8. Cookies and baking above, then vegetarian and DIY type cookbooks below.
  9. Top: Old books I inherited from my mother in law that used to belong to my father in law. Below: Children's books.
  10. These are a bunch of Mad magazines ranging from the mid 60s through the early 90s. It's not a complete collection by any means, but it's a bunch!
  11. The humor section!
  12. Nick nacks including the classic Fancy Mixed Nuts (Snake in a can! So fun!) and a creepy whale ashtray that my father in law used to use. So weird.
  13. Top: art books. Bottom two shelves: cookbooks, Hawaiian and specialty / holiday.
  14. A marching band shako and philodendron.
  15. Literature and biography shelves.
  16. Some politics, then cooking theory books / nature books followed by General cookbooks.
  17. The top shelf in the picture above has some politics, some exploration books, some nature picture books and The 112 Days Of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. Basically this shelf is just giving the finger to the Dewey Decimal System.
  18. Bobbleheads!
  19. More literature, the Harry Potter / Lord Of The Rings shelf, and the Hawaii shelf.
  20. The top shelf is Jacques Cousteau and Thor Heyerdahl. The bottom shelf are all coffee table books, including 21 about Hawaii.
    Is it bad that I have four different copies of Kon Tiki? No! One is for reading, one has more pictures, one is hardback with a lot of pictures and one is basically a coffee table copy with many, many pictures and illustrations.
  21. My awesome illustration of the two main Fight Club characters drawn by the ever talented @brittmaag and three boxes that look like books.
    I'll keep stuff in the boxes that I just don't want to display. Maybe charging cables and stuff? Not sure.
  22. General fiction and my Fight Club shrine.
  23. Nick nacks, music and graphic novels / comics.
  24. This whole section of 13 books are all poop related. I'm not embarrassed by this at all (but my family is!).
  25. A snake plant.
  26. More General fiction and a mostly empty shelf. That's a Big Lebowski movie inside that bowling ball, and the thing it's sitting on is a cardboard "bowling lane." My son and I love that movie and he got me this for Xmas a couple of years ago.
  27. Nazi books, speed reading and a few books that I just haven't properly shelved yet. Then RPG gaming books, mostly D&D. Followed by tall books and some gaming stuff.
  28. Stephen King shelf followed by sci-fi. The Stephen King books are all in disarray because I realized that the box that holds the six Green Mile books was falling apart. I glued it and then stacked books on it to dry properly.
  29. My wife gets two shelves, and they're mostly business related books.
  30. Dictionaries.
    What, you ask, is that robot looking thing and that orange business? It's from the comic Penny Arcade. He's a robot that, um, fornicates with fruit. He's known as The Fruit Fucker. My nephew gave me this at a family gift exchange. What a cool nephew! As per my wife, the ol FF is banished to the furthest, lowest, least visible shelf, which is mostly behind a recliner. I still love and appreciate him!
  31. We call this Plant Baby. We "won" this at a white elephant gift exchange. My wife was mortified and I love it.
  32. Not pictured are a couple of mostly unused shelves. One will be for my wallet / keys / journal and other miscellaneous stuff.
  33. I picked up this call bell at a yard sale. Every library reference desk needs a call bell! Eventually I'll make shelf labels and this shelf will say "Reference Desk."
  34. I picked up these Library Cards at a thrift shop and will fill them out and write "Ex Libris Bill Ervin" for borrowers to use as a bookmark / reminder of whom they borrowed the books from.
  35. Also not pictured is the rest of the room. I've got two recliners in the library, as well as a free-standing bookshelf with DVDs, art supplies, and general stuff on it. I've also got my stereo and CDs. That part of the room is kind of a giant mess right now.
  36. I tried to follow the Dewey Decimal System but didn't stick to it 100%. What I found in my research is that every library does their own thing, while sticking largely to the main system, and that's what I tried to do as well. Some things are way out of order just do to size limitations and my own quirkiness.
  37. I'm going to order some clear shelf clips that will hold labels that my daughter will print up for me, and then it'll look even more official.
  38. Also, I've (quietly) started calling myself The Librarian. Not publicly, but rather just to myself.