Not a long distance relationship. An On again, Off again, On again relationship.
  1. First of all, this isn't a list that's trying to get sympathy. I'm just telling my story and maybe others who deal with this can feel a kinship or know they're not alone.
  2. Here's a brief rundown of my headache history:
  3. When I was about 17 I told my dad one day that we needed more Asprin and he said "No, I just bought a bottle a few days ago." I told him it was empty and he grilled me about how many I'd been taking and why.
  4. I told him I'd had a headache for the past two weeks and he was shocked. At that point it had been a solid two weeks with a non-stop headache. Apparently this isn't normal.
  5. He sent me to doctor after doctor. Ear, Nose, and a Throat guy. GP. Neurologist. I had a CAT Scan. I got my sinuses drained. After two months, while still having the headache my main doctor finally said "Well Bill, it looks like you've got a headache. We can't find anything wrong. Maybe just get used to it." My dad was pissed. I got used to it.
    I didn't realize it at the time, but I now realize that my father didn't have much money, and had no insurance. He just piled up bills. I wish he was alive so I could thank him for taking care of me like that.
  6. Over the next couple of decades I'd have headaches that would last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Three months was about the tops. Then I'd go a couple of weeks without, or with only a headache for a half day here and there.
  7. Periodically my wife would get fed up and convince me to see a doctor again, I'd go, they'd send me to a specialist, give me meds, tell me to quit eating something. Nothing ever helped. At all.
  8. Over the years I've cut out caffeine, dairy, bread, meat, nuts, and other things that trigger headaches. Zero of those changes made any difference.
  9. I quit taking pain reliever many years ago because they just don't work. Valium works super amazingly well, but they won't let me have it because, apparently it's addictive. I could live with that. Still no.
  10. There's theoretical evidence that weed could help. I'm not a smoker, though.
  11. Fast foreword to 2010 when I'd gone a while of just having semi regular headaches. I'd gone nearly the whole month of August without a single headache.
  12. I woke up on August 30 with a killer headache.
  13. It's been with me ever since. 24 hours a day.
  14. I meant to celebrate this year, for my 6th headacheaversary, but I forgot until last week. I missed it!
  15. Here's a pain chart for reference.
  16. Most of the time I'm between a 2 and a 4 on the chart above, but even when I'm at a 6, because I've had so many headaches, I don't react at all. Even at a 7 it doesn't stop me from doing anything. I'd gladly go to a concert at a 7, probably even an 8.
  17. Very rarely do I hit a 9, but it happens, but usually for less than two or three hours at a shot. Those, particularly, are the times when I wish I had Valium or weed. Maybe twice a year.
  18. My headache used to stop me from doing things. I used to call in sick when it hit level 8, but I finally decided that I just couldn't stop living my life simply because I have a headache.
  19. I used to have a brother in law who could do shots of whiskey without flinching or making a face. He was really proud of this. If I did a shot I would make faces and gag. I just can't do it. matter how bad my headache is, coworkers don't know I have one at all. This, I am proud of! I just carry on as if nothing is going on inside my head.
    Some argue that nothing at all is ever going on inside my head.
  20. I really don't think my wife knows that I've had a headache non-stop for six years. I think she believes it comes and goes.
    Note to self. If she ever discovers, alter this part.
  21. I estimate that I've had a headache for roughly 35 - 40% of my life. That's kind of a depressing though. Luckily, this is the first time I've thought of it, and I doubt I ever will again.
  22. Writing this list is out of my comfort zone. I've told a couple of people about my headache situation, but most of those don't really understand or remember. Mostly I just don't tell people. Really, my best friend @fade is the only person I talk about this with; she's the only one with whom I feel comfortable talking about it.
  23. Hey! Other chronic headache folks; how do you deal with it?