Inspired by @cvlop61
  1. Find a GoPro camera while snorkeling. Someday.
  2. Find something with my metal detector. I picked up a decent (yet cheap to me) metal detector at a yard sale. I hope to one day find...anything.
    But a coin older than I am, in particular.
  3. To someday find a friend who will play frisbee with me. Meaning, basically playing catch with a frisbee. Alternately, Disc Golf.
    I occasionally play Disc Golf on my own, and it's fun, but not the same as with a friend.
  4. Juggle five balls. I've come so close several times, and can't quite close the deal.
    I'm sure I've spent a couple hundred hours working on this, and can't quite get there. It frustrates me so much.
  5. To not be pulled over by a cop for the rest of my life. It's been 25+ years since the last time, and I hope to not get pulled over for the rest of my life.
  6. To be a speed reader. I've been working on this and am faster than I used to be, but I've got a lot of progress to make. This is one of my big summer goals this year.