1. We're all tired. Kids. Adults. Parents. Everyone.
    Summer was fun and we miss it.
  2. Everyone is excited to be back!
  3. CoNfuSiNg! New lockers. New desks. New teachers. It's all too much!
  4. Change is hard.
    For all of us.
  5. One boy who cannot speak a single word and can't even nod "yes" or "no" and basically has zero ability to communicate keeps laying his head on my arm and smiling at me. He's communicating that he missed me and it fills my heart with joy.
  6. A boy with super lots of anxiety has laid his head on his desk and cried every day so far. It's heart breaking. He's learning to trust us after two years but it's still super hard. My heart goes out to him. I talk to him every day, in small doses, and we're trying to get to know and trust each other.
    Crying at his desk is progress compared to just running away from school!
  7. Cafeteria food is terrible, but all kids love it. They love to complain about it, but they also love to eat it. Nerds to jocks, they all do.
  8. A lot of special needs kids thrive on the regular routine of school and really suffer the not-regular-routine of summer. They're relieved to be back.
  9. Watching certain special needs kids eat is enough to turn your stomach. But you get used to it to the point where you don't even notice when one chews food, spits it out, plays with it and eats it again.
    In the words of Bruce Springsteen "You get used to anything; sooner or later it just becomes your life."
  10. The staff totally forgot about the smell that is constantly with the boy whose mom rarely makes him shower and who also poops his pants on the regular. It's extremely sad. It's also extremely stinky.
  11. School started with a half day Tuesday, today is only Thursday, we are all ready for the weekend already!