I love in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and wear shorts year round. Usually t shirts, too. At the most I add a hoody.
  1. One day a couple of years ago it was about 35 degrees and snowing lightly. There was maybe an inch of accumulation on the ground.
  2. I had gone to a store. It was warm in my house and I'd blasted the heater in my car, so I'd taken my hoody off en route to the store.
  3. I parked 20 feet from the entrance so didn't need my hoody. In I went, got my stuff and came out.
  4. A woman was walking from her car to the store and looked at me.
  5. She was wearing fur-lined galoshes, jeans, a sweater under a huge parka, a stocking cap, a thick, long scarf wrapped around her neck and ski gloves.
  6. I was wearing tennis shoes,, ankle socks, cargo shorts, and a t shirt from Maui.
    My uniform.
  7. She stopped walking, looked me up and down and said "Oh, very funny." And walked away.
    She was not laughing.
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. This was somewhat of an extreme reaction. It rains a lot in Portland and I rarely have a raincoat. People look at me like I'm an idiot.
    Don't even get me started on umbrellas. This is not the east coast. We don't need umbrellas over here.
  10. But really, it's always warm in the house, warm in the car, warm at work or a store. I can handle waking for thirty seconds in cold or rain. I don't need to bundle up to walk to the car.
  11. If it's cold out and I know I'm going to be outside for more than ten minutes I'll wear long pants and a jacket. A hat and gloves too if it's really cold.
    But tbh, possibly still shorts.
  12. And if I'm being completely honest I'll admit that I get claustrophobic in long pants. I get to where I just want to rip those mothers off!
  13. Hey, @LongStoryLonger What's your take on this issue?