My BFF @fade and I had a conversation about what ten albums we'd pick to being to a deserted island. I couldn't narrow it down to ten right then, so I made the list title and now I'm going to try to narrow it down. In no particular order:
  1. Pink Floyd: The Wall
    This is a brilliant album. I knew there'd be Floyd on the list, but...The Wall? Dark Side Of The Moon? Wish You Were Here? It's a tough decision. Any of those. Or Ummagumma. Or Meddle.
  2. Pearl Jam: Yield
    Really, any Pearl Jam album at all, but Wishlist and Given To Fly pushed this to the top.
  3. Bruce Springsteen: The Ghost Of Tom Joad
    All Bruce is great, but this album speaks to me so much. Really, I think it's his best work. It's not on this album, but Bruce toured with Tom Morello who would come out and play a scathing guitar and sing on The Ghost Of Tom Joad and it was so beautiful that I cry. Look it up on YouTube.
  4. Jackson Browne: For Everyman
    The cover art is amazing! The transition from Take It Easy to Our Lady Of The Well blows me away every time. I'm Alive is a close contender for the Jackson slot, because it has so much anger and beauty.
  5. Dave Matthews Band: the bootleg from Nissan Pavilion, Brostol, Virginia, 8.1.1999
    Disc one and three are great, but disc two is where it's at: Lie In Our Graves, Two Step, Song That Jane Likes and Dreaming Tree. I've listened to disc two of this show probably a thousand times and get chills at the end of Two Step every single time; Carter Beauford's drumming is beyond words to describe how beautiful it is.
  6. John Prine: Sweet Revenge
    OMG, look how cool he is in that car! Sweet Revenge, Please Don't Bury Me, Blue Umbrella, Dear Abby, Mexican Home. Geez, this is a great album.
  7. Steve Goodman: Affordable Art
    Have you even heard Talk Backwards?! Then there's Vegematic, How Much Tequila (Did I Drink Last Night) and California Promises. Wow, this guy was brilliant.
  8. Todd Snider: Songs For The Daily Planet
    Todd is still great, but his first album was amazing for such a young kid. Alright Guy is wonderful, but then eventually you get to Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues and there's no turning back. At least there wasn't any turning back for me, I was hooked for life.
  9. Joni Mitchell: Blue
    Every song on here could carry an album. Each time I hear California I cry a little bit because it's so beautiful.
  10. Dave Matthews Band: Remember Two Things
    Ants Marching is incredible. Tripping Billies? Amazing. Recently is just "Wow!" Seek Up. Typical Situation. Song That Jane Likes. Every song deserves an essay about how great it is. I love this album. Also, great cover art.
  11. Bonus - Daniel Johnston: Hi, How Are You
    This mentally ill kid recorded the tapes for this album in his parents' garage. He sold them at shows. He only had one recorder and had no way to duplicate tapes, so he would record the whole album, in order, over and over and over so he had enough to sell at the next show. Seriously, he just sang the songs live into his tape player, and drew that weird alien frog thing on the cover by hand. Hundreds and hundreds of times. Each one was unique!