New things on the newest update.

  1. After you've published a list, you can just add to it without having to go to Edit mode. Nice.
  2. And after you post your list you get this confetti. It's not as exciting as Trending or Featured confetti, but maybe still fun?
  3. When you just click POST you get this message.
  4. What else is there?
  5. Oh, I missed this before. Apparently you can opt out of confetti. Why?
  6. Pull down!
  7. Then this shows up.
    It's awkward.
  8. Check out @BWN_7's list about the update. Things To Know About The New Update
  9. Also, I'm not thrilled that I can't see how many lists I've written. I wouldn't have written my 420th list had I not known it was my 420th. (Spoiler, it was about weed!) Numbers are fun.
  10. We no longer see how many lists we've posted, but this damn thing is still there, inducing guilt, reminding me "Hey Dumb-ass, finish what you started, you lazy bum!" Cruel.