1. There's a lot of talk in politics these days about "living" wages and raising the minimum wage so that people working for minimum wage can live off of it.
  2. I'm about as liberal as you can get, politically. I think. As liberal as you can get without being dangerous, anyway.
  3. But I don't think that working at McDonald's should house and feed a family of four, which is something that I often hear as the standard.
  4. Flipping burgers isn't a family supporting job. I'm not sure it should be a single adult supporting job. It's an entry level job. Almost anyone can do it.
  5. I worked at Wendy's when I was first married at 19. It was my second job, my first job was also entry level, working at a grocery store. Neither we're family supporting. Between the two jobs I worked between 70 and 80 hours a week for about a year until I got a higher paying job. The experience i got in those two jobs helped me get the new job.
  6. I feel that entry level jobs that pay minimum wage are...entry level. If you want to make more money, work hard, gain some experience, and get a better job that pays more. Get an education. Learn a trade.
  7. But I don't think that entry level jobs are meant to support adults.
  8. Here's what prompted this thought process and list.
  9. This is what I do. I'm a Teacher's Aide. Specifically I'm an aide in Special Ed. I work with high needs kids with disabilities. It can be freaking tough sometimes and super easy at other times. Like any job.
    BTW, I love my job!!
  10. But the requirements for my job are: a high school diploma. That's it. No training, no higher education at all. Just be a person with a high school degree.
  11. I feel that to get ahead you have to do more than just show up for any entry level job. You start at entry level jobs and work your way up. Maybe get two jobs. I did it, and so did my wife. When we were first married we each had two jobs and my wife was going to college part time. We learned and got experience and eventually, we got better jobs.
    And when I say "eventually," it was about a year that we did that. It allowed us to buy some furniture and a super cheap, new car.
  12. All this said, I do understand that immigrating to this country and getting a decent job is difficult. We need to do something about this. I believe that language is a huge barrier to getting a good job. Language and legal status. This is a separate issue, in my mind, but one that clearly needs addressing. Desperately.
  13. I don't have the answer to the problem of immigration, but I believe that higher pay for entry level jobs is not the answer.
  14. If anyone could get an entry level, minimum wage job and support a family, well, where's the incentive to achieve more? Why strive to improve?
  15. I believe that entry level jobs are a starting place. It needs to be a decent wage, one that's enough to get someone started, but it doesn't need to support a family.
  16. I gladly welcome civil discussion on this topic. These are my beliefs, but I may be wrong. If you think I'm off base, say so, but please tell me WHY you think I'm off base. I'm willing to change my mind as new information comes in, but for now, this is what I believe.
  17. I keep hearing about raising the minimum wage so it can be a living wage and I always think those folks are wrong. What do you think?
    Please keep this a civil discussion! Thanks! ❤️