Holy sweet mother.
  1. My 86 year old mother in law moved in with us about a month ago. She's in poor health after having a big seizure and fracturing a vertebra.
  2. She's going to be okay, and is pain free, but is staying with us while she builds up enough strength to go back to her own home where she has loved independently for years.
  3. Again, she is eighty six years old. 86.
  4. She's a fairly conservative person politically, and a devout Catholic. She went to mass back when it was in Latin, and she spoke no Latin.
  5. My wife and I both work, but my mother in law can't be on her own all day, so we have in home care givers. They're not nurses, just people who can help bathe her, get her lunch ready, keep her company, make sure she takes her meds. That kind of stuff.
  6. When I got home this song was on the radio. http://youtu.be/fRr2kf84V2M
  7. Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry.
  8. My EIGHTY SIX year old mother in law said "This song was on earlier and I asked my care giver what 'fuckin music' meant. She didn't know."
  9. I said "Oh. It says 'Play that FUNKY music' and it means music like this, with this kind of beat. Funky."
  10. She laughed and said "Ah. It sounds like fuckin. Hahahaha."
  11. No. Just all kinds of no.