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  1. Britt made this list: SEND ME A DRAWING REQUEST!
  2. So I sent a request.
  3. Apparently other people did too, because she made this list: Drawings of Random Things You Requested ✏️
    Check it out.
  4. Then she made this list: A DRAWING OF TYLER DURDEN AND THE NARRATOR FROM FIGHT CLUB LOOKING HAPPY ✏️ A Drawing of Tyler Durden and the Narrator From Fight Club Looking Happy ✏️
    This was my drawing request. She made my drawing!
  5. ...then...
  6. This showed up in my mail today.
  7. And bubble wrap.
  8. My hands are shaking as I try not to cut myself opening it.
  9. Lots of air pillows.
  10. Then something wrapped in paper.
  11. Anticipation is killing me!
    Also I suck at selfies. Obviously.
  12. Something is framed, but there's a note in front of it.
  13. Pointers for drawing.
  14. So she's giving me tips!
  15. She knows I'm trying to learn to draw. I'm bad. Here's an example: A Story Told in Very Bad Sketches.
    I made a story type list in bad drawings.
  16. Thank you, @brittmaag
  17. Now it holds a place of honor on one of my bookshelves in my library. It sits right on top, just above the shelf that holds most of my Fight Club stuff.
    My Fight Club shrine, if you will.
  18. I've been contemplating making a list of al of my Fight Club stuff, and this is the clincher. I'm going to make that list, soon.
  19. Oh. My. God. This is amazing! She framed the drawing she made for me. I'm blown away!
  20. @brittmaag is the Queen Of The World. She should be in charge.
  21. And seriously, if you're not following @brittmaag you should be.
  22. I made another list about someone giving me "the best gift." My daughter, @PinkOnWednesdays made me something truly amazing and it's here: My Daughter Gave ME an Amazing Gift