1. This is my very first list. It's from 10/26/2015.
  2. Look at this. "...READ MORE HAN ONCE..." HAN.
  3. It's supposed to say "...READ MORE THAN ONCE..." obviously.
  4. My very first list has a typo in the title!
  5. How did this happen?
  6. How have I not noticed this before? I mean, it's not like I reread my own lists, but several times I've gone back to see what the date of my first list was. Several times because I can never remember.
  7. And I just noticed this mistake today.
  8. I'm not fixing it. I'll let it be a constant reminder to myself to be more careful.
  9. Having a spelling error isn't a huge deal. A lot of people make this kind of mistake and it's not like I judge them for it.
  10. I'm kidding. I judge the hell hell out of them!
  11. By the time I graduated high school my spelling was atrocious, my grammar was deplorable, my vocabulary was minuscule, and my handwriting was illegible. Since then I've tried to teach and improve myself on a continuing basis. And this error in my first list title really bothers me!
  12. Damnit.