Inspired by @AliciaNF26
  1. Falling asleep comfortably on my back, but waking up two hours later on my stomach with my arms crossed tightly in front of my best, with my elbows literally screaming in pain.
    Yes, literally screaming. Only I can hear their sad little screams.
  2. Baking bread without a recipe.
    White, while wheat, sourdough, honey wheat. I've made them so much I don't even use a recipe most of the time.
  3. Procrastination.
    My mother sent off for my Olympic Procrastination application in 1976 and I still haven't filled it out. That's how good I am.
  4. Book collecting.
  5. More book collecting.
  6. Still more book collecting.
  7. Yet more book collecting.
    This is like he 100 meter, 200 meter hurdles, 4X100 meter relay, etc.
  8. Yup, more book collecting
    Mostly Mad Magazine below the top shelf.
  9. Book collecting, Fight Club edition.