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  1. Full contact kite flying.
  2. Mixed doubles synchronized swimming.
  3. Verbal jousting.
  4. New age triathlon: solving a Rubik's Cube, perfect selfie on the first try, blindfolded texting.
  5. Air guitar.
    Just kidding. Air guitar has always been stupid.
  6. Dizzy bat race, flip cup, & beer pong (summer obviously but all on ice for winter)
    Suggested by @themohawkmoon
  7. Full contact croquet
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  8. Any picnic race. Sack race. 3-legged race.
    I think about this subject too often. My 2nd list ever was "ways to improve women's gymnastics." I'll simply add here that the display of top-notch international picnic race events would blow our collective minds... and I want to see it with medals on the line.
    Suggested by @bdot
  9. Javelin Catch
    Suggested by @JasonNafziger