Thanks for the request @Sim0n BTW, Simon is a funny guy; check out his lists.
  1. Back in 1978 graduating from 8th grade wasn't a huge deal. It was just kind of expected. But my friends and I wanted to celebrate the fact they summer was finally here.
  2. The last day of school was a half day for 8th graders. 7th graders still had a full day. Suckers!
  3. So after the stupid "graduation" ceremony was over (no certificate) me, Daryl George, Jon Tigges and someone else (Tom Zastoupik? I can't remember) decided to go inner tuning down Silver Creek.
  4. Silver Creek is home to the famous Silver Falls, the most dense set of waterfalls in the US. There's like 7 big waterfalls within a mile or two.
  5. We went into the creek WAY below the falls, but still about 3 miles above town.
  6. This is a shot of the creek as it runs through town. This is about two blocks from my home at the time.
  7. We walked, barefoot up to just below the dam which is way below the falls, and sat on inner tubes and air mattresses and whatever floating junk we had and floated down.
  8. There was a great natural water slide that ended in a fairly deep, very slow moving pool that was great for diving into. We went down the 12 foot natural rock water slide over and over. We dove into the pool again and again, laughing and playing.
  9. Eventually we kept going the rest of the way, right into town, climbed out at the city park and headed to our own homes.
  10. The weather was hot and the creek was cool. Perfect. I'll never forget the fun and the feeling of that day.
  11. We ended up doing this several times that summer. It was great every time except the one time Jon almost drown, but to be honest, we laughed ourselves silly despite the fact that I honestly believe he would have never resurfaced had I not grabbed him and pulled him out.
    He'd gotten caught in a whirlpool and had come up twice for air, but wasn't coming up again.
  12. Every time I see an inner tube, I still smile, thinking about that day in 1978.