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Oregon's Best Beaches

Thanks for the request @andersun
  1. Having lived in Oregon my entire life (except my first six months, which A) were in California and B) I barely remember) it's surprising how few Oregon beaches I've been to. I've been to WAY more beaches in Hawaii than I have in Oregon.
  2. Lincoln City Beach, Lincoln City, OR. I think this is the name of this beach, the main one I always go to. It starts right at the edge of the town in Taft. Park by Moe's and get the clam chowder there. Mmmmm. This beach is maybe 300 yards wide by a couple miles long, with powder soft sand. Sea lions galore at the south end, at Siletz Bay.
  3. Beverly Beach. There's a great state campground with a nice two minute walking path to the beach. Despite beach and campground having a highway between them, both are pretty quiet. I've enjoyed some great skim boarding here.
  4. Seaside Beach, Seaside, Oregon. Seaside is a cool beach town with a killer great, long boardwalk right alongside the beach. This is a super long stretch of, like so many Oregon beaches, super soft sand, 400 yards wide. If Waikiki beach was this big it wouldn't seem crowded. Also, this is much nicer sand than Waikiki.
  5. Siletz Bay, Taft, Oregon. It's hard to tell in this picture, but those tiny dots on the far shore are seals. Or maybe sea lions. I've never really known. Fishermen hate them, but they're adorable. There are often hundreds sunning there. Cute!
  6. Sand Lake, Oregon. This isn't that great anymore, because it's been taken over by quads and dune buggys, but it was my favorite as a kid. My scout troop camped in the dunes here so many times. I vividly remember lying in my sleeping bag well past midnight, talking and watching meteor showers. Great friendships were formed here.
  7. Oregon because are very often hundreds of yards wide by miles long, usually with powder soft sand. If the water was warm enough to not cause hypothermia (literally) we'd be a huge tourist draw. I could do with less places selling salt water taffy, however the micro brewery industry seems to be taking over, so not all is lost!