1. This is my hot glue gun. DeWalt.
    DeWalt makes power tools, and this is a power tool of a hot glue gun. It's totally badass!
  2. It shoots out hot glue.
  3. I'm working on a craft project and need some hot glue kind of glopped around
  4. Have you ever been crafting with hot glue and thought "That's enough hot glue right there, but it's not in the right shape?"
  5. I have.
  6. I thought I'd just reach in and reshape it, which I did.
  7. Hey! There's a reason it's called HOT friggin GLUE!
  8. OuchieWaWa!
  9. Have I learned my lesson and for sure will never do this again?
  10. Giphy
  11. But next time I'll try to let it cool a little bit first.
  12. Also, apparently my phone is at 1%. See you later. I hope.
  13. Update. I just did it again, like 45 seconds after posting this list. Will I ever learn?