These are pick up lines that have worked for friends of mine. What has worked for you?
  1. (Setting: Coworkers who had previously flirted and were sweaty at the end of their shift.) Woman: "I cant wait to get home and jump in the shower." Man: "Can I join you?" (laughs nervously) Woman: "I'd say yes but I've only got one clean towel." (giggles nervously) Man "That's cool. I'll use the towel & lick you dry." (long silence) Woman: "Okay!"
    The report is that it went down exactly like that.
  2. (Setting: Busy office meeting, with many coworkers in close proximity. Man and woman had flirted a bit previously, but nothing serious.) Woman: (whispers in man's ear) "After work I want to fuck you and fuck you hard."
    The report is that that is exactly what happened. Also, I hear that was an agonizingly long meeting.
  3. Your turn. Has a pick up line ever worked for or on you?
  4. "If it's cool I'd like to take you out to eat and then let you take a nap."
    We'd known each other for a very long time and he knew that food and naps were like 80% of the path to my heart.
    Suggested by @allisonlantagne
  5. Me and this girl I have a crush on we're talking about astrology. I said something like "My horoscope for today said I was going to meet my dream girl... I guess it came true."
    Confession: This was in a dream, and didn't happen in real life. But it worked in the dream!
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  6. Hi, my name is ________.
    Best pickup line there is 🌟
    Suggested by @angela3950
  7. A guy I knew well was offering to take me home, and my female friend said she doesn't mind driving me. His reply "That's okay, all I have in my car is showtunes."
    I freaking love showtunes! So I rode with him. It was an actual line, he had none, but he ended up being my bf for about a year after that. It broke the ice, and he realized I was a huge nerd all in one "pick up line." Only works if the girl already feels safe riding in your car.
    Suggested by @Boogie