1. I always keep an iPhone charger at the following place. I don't move them around- they're permanently there - I have many.
    They're so cheap, so why not?
  2. Left side of the couch.
  3. Right side of the couch.
  4. On the end of the kitchen island.
    This is mostly used by my wife.
  5. In my library.
  6. Next to my bed, in the form of a dock/alarm clock.
  7. In my car.
  8. In my messenger bag that I carry to work and back.
  9. Hidden behind the couch in the staff lunchroom at work. Hidden because I found that if it's out in the open it gets "borrowed" and never returned.
  10. I'll be honest, even I think that's ridiculous, but I'm not getting rid of any of them.