1. This is Plant Baby.
  2. Check him out.
  3. 20 or so years ago someone made and sold these things called Time Out Dolls. They wore 3T children's clothes and you stood them in a corner and they looked like a kid in a Time Out. Why? I couldn't imagine why back then and I don't understand it now. Weird AF. Some people loved them.
  4. Below the plant, that's basically what Plant Baby looks like.
  5. My wife "won" Plant Baby at her office white elephant gift exchange a few years ago. Her plan was to throw it away, but luckily I rescued it!
  6. I'm pretty sure some deranged person had a Time Out Doll, and maybe it broke, and they thought "You know what? I've got this fake plant. Why not stick it in the Time Out Doll's neck?" And thus, Plant Baby was born. Then they gave it to Goodwill where someone bought it and brought it to their office white elephant gift exchange.
    I'm guessing.
  7. My wife does not like Plant Baby. My daughter does not like Plant Baby. My son does not like Plant Baby. Me? I LOVE Plant Baby!!
  8. I tried proudly displaying Plant Baby for a while, but no matter where I tried, it was always suggested that the trash can would be a better spot.
  9. So here's where Plant Baby lives now. In my library, hidden behind my rocker recliner chair, where I can casually glance back and see him any time I want.
  10. Right now he's keeping a close eye on my wine experiment.
  11. I have considered putting a live plant in Plant Baby, but have concerns with drainage and watering, and what if it died? Would Plant Baby die? Also, this seems like one step closer to cyborgs. Maybe this is where it starts? I can't take that risk.
    Right @andersun?
  12. Also, why do I refer to Plant Baby using male pronouns? I can't quite say why, but in my mind, Plant Baby is a boy.