Questions I Have About the List App

I don't know how to find these answers.
  1. Can I send another member a private message?
  2. How many people have The List App?
    A million? Or more like 2,000? I have no clue here.
  3. Where can I pick up some more time for reading and making lists?
    Seriously. My schedule is starting to get in the way.
  4. Why can't I write a list on my desktop computer?
    I'm a fast typist on my iPhone, but faster on my desktop.
  5. Why, oh why won't my friends join?
    We all struggle with the " grocery lists?" No. Not freaking grocery lists. Damnit people, come on!
  6. What constitutes a "trending" list? I've had two trend and I don't know why.
    What's the algorithm like?
  7. I tried finding out by looking at the App Store, but didn't see how many downloads here have been. But then I saw their update comments. Nicely done, @list That's great!
  8. Can my dog have his own list account?
    Suggested by   @jannychan