I don't know how to find these answers.
  1. Can I send another member a private message?
  2. How many people have The List App?
    A million? Or more like 2,000? I have no clue here.
  3. Where can I pick up some more time for reading and making lists?
    Seriously. My schedule is starting to get in the way.
  4. Why can't I write a list on my desktop computer?
    I'm a fast typist on my iPhone, but faster on my desktop.
  5. Why, oh why won't my friends join?
    We all struggle with the "So...like grocery lists?" No. Not freaking grocery lists. Damnit people, come on!
  6. What constitutes a "trending" list? I've had two trend and I don't know why.
    What's the algorithm like?
  7. I tried finding out by looking at the App Store, but didn't see how many downloads here have been. But then I saw their update comments. Nicely done, @list That's great!
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  8. Can my dog have his own list account?
    Suggested by @jannychan