I don't know how to rap, but I like the idea of having a rap name.
  1. Sir Twix-a-Lot
    Chocolate, Cookie, Carmel...it's a good combination.
  2. Puff Puff Pass Daddy
    I live in Oregon, so it's legal now.
  3. Notorious BRB
    I really will be right back.
  4. Run DVR
    I can't always watch show when they air.
  5. DJ Jazzy Hands
    Because when Jim made Dwight do jazz hands it was wonderful.
  6. The Fresh Pringle
    BBQ flavor, please.
  7. Iced Tea
  8. Vanilla Latte
    With soy.
  9. Notorious P.E.E.
    I do pee a lot. Volume and frequency.
  10. Busta Thighs
    KFC Original Recipe. Obvs.
  11. Ice Cubicle
    Home Sweet Cubicle.
  12. LL Cool Bean
    New England summer wear.
  13. 50 Percent
    Half rap / half country.