Red alert. This is not a drill. Donald Trump launched an app!!

I kid you not.
  1. Oh, I clicked GET!
  2. Ah, the simplify.
  3. Oh, F no!!
  4. He is not my voice.
  5. Apparently you earn points. There a leaderboard. You can earn points by attending a Trump and/or Pence rally. You can earn points by DONATING MONEY TO THEIR CAMPAIGN!!! I'm not making that up.
  6. I do NOT want to invite friends.
  7. 💩
  8. I don't really understand it yet. But in going to. In case you want to find me on there, you won't be able to. I used an alias. I don't want my real name or email address associated with Trump in any way.
    Maybe two li.stera could guess my alternate username: @mallofamanda and @bluepuddles?
  9. Anyway, I'm off for some political Catfishin'.