Inspired by @tawny who made a great list!
  1. The 3 Way Brothers
    Brothers Jim Way, Kohl Way and D'Mitri Way formed a family boy band, but people expected something else.
  2. Concert Cancelled
    These guys actually had talent, but unironically their name did not sell a lot of tickets.
  3. Sold Out
    Concert Cancelled came up with another humorous name. Still haven't found success.
  4. The Hairy Styles
    1D tribute band, but all them just wanted to play "the cute one."
  5. Boyz N2 Men
    Drag boy band.
  6. Bruno Marrs
    Hoping to cash in on people who don't realize that they're not buying tickets to see Bruno Mars. One quick nationwide tour and retire rich.
  7. The Mall Walkers
    Five 90 year old guys who get up on stage and take turns yelling "Turn down that damn noise!"