1. I went to the ICE Out Of Oregon Rally today at the Immigration Customs Enforcement building in Portland.
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  4. This person put a handle on a double sided white board, because there are so many things that they need to protest that they had to get a reusable sign. Well done.
    I couldn't get a decent shot of the reverse side.
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  6. This boy's older brother was being interviewed on TV. I think their father has been deported, but I couldn't catch it all. He appeared happy that so many people came out to support his family.
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  10. Lots of people!
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  23. My friend Liz.
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  27. I tried to do a rough count and thought that there were maybe 400 - 500 people there today. It was cold, too, snowing on my drive down.
  28. I have to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
  29. We are nearly all immigrants. We all came from somewhere else, unless we are native Americans. As Ben Carson reminded us today, an immigrant is someone who comes here from somewhere else, voluntarily. Slaves were not immigrants.