Requested by eric

Snorkeling Activities, Ranked

  1. 1) Relaxing.
    Nothing in my life is as relaxing as laying face down in the warm Pacific Ocean. I rarely admit this, but I've fallen asleep snorkeling because I was so relaxed. Only for a few seconds, but it felt great!
  2. 2) Turtle watching.
    My daughter and I saw this adorable guy this morning. I had to swim backwards to back off - he came towards us a bit and you're supposed to keep your distance. I could have easily touched him!
  3. 3) Finding stuff in the ocean.
  4. 4) Checking out coral.
  5. 5) Eel watching.
    Look how cute he is!
  6. 6) Fish watching!
    You'd think this would be higher, and really, it is. The difference between #1 and #6 is minuscule. All of these are awesome.
  7. I'm rarely happier than when I'm snorkeling. Hanging out with my kids in the water is the best. When my son was smaller - like 5 years old - his mask would get water in it and he'd just climb up on my back like I was an island, completely out of the water, sit on his knees and fix it. Hilarious!