1. I went to high school with a boy named Mouse.
  2. Mouse wasn't his real name, but I never knew what his real name was.
  3. He was maybe 4'8" tall, and he slouched.
    Also, he was very skinny.
  4. Even teachers called him Mouse.
  5. Today he would be in Special Ed.
  6. Back then he was just stupid and lazy.
  7. I had a class with him. His reading level was about 2nd or 3rd grade.
  8. He basically failed every class.
  9. He found "his people" in the kids who smoked out by the railroad tracks behind the school.
    Back then this was mostly just cigarettes.
  10. He dropped out before the end of our senior year.
  11. Nobody really liked him much, but he was so tiny that nobody really picked on him either.
  12. I can't imagine that he was ever able to hold down a job.
  13. I didn't know Mouse well, but I think about him sometimes.
  14. I wonder what Mouse is up to these days.
  15. There's no lesson or moral or closure here. I just think about him sometimes.