Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 108

  1. These first ten are all from the same car.
  2. I've got a couple of bootlegs of Reckless Kelly. This is a good sticker!
  3. I would have thought this person was too much of a liberal to be a member of the NRA.
  4. What does EST stand for? Established? I'd expect a year that the car/relationship was established. Estimate? Guess how old the driver is? Estonia?
  5. Breast Friends. I know this is for a breast cancer support place, but it always makes me think of two breasts being friends.
  6. This blue painter's tape from the car wash is about to fall off. I hate these.
  7. Me too!
  8. This dude has been riding around on this scooter, reading meters for years and years. I've seen him whip up to a place and do his work without getting off that scooter. I think it's water meters he deals with, which are apparently often right at the street. He's got all of his tools and stuff right there within reach.
  9. ✌🏼