Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 110

  1. Mike Wizowski!
  2. Sure. Sure they do, we all know that. But it's not Police lives that are systematically being taken by the police.
  3. I don't know jack about geography, so I don't know what state this is, but I recognize that it's also a fun now. Gross.
  4. Yeti coolers are expensive, but fantastic. I can't bring myself to buy one yet. Maybe some day.
  5. A little slice like you? You'll get socialized alright.
  6. Note the fake bullet holes at the top.
    These next 8 stickers are all from the same mofo car.
  7. Interesting that this person who feels that liberals are taking his freedom away is supporting a president who seems to be selling us out to Russia. Ronald Reagan (who this quote is credited to) would be outraged.
  8. Wow. F. U.
  9. What is this?
  10. Or this?