Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 112

  1. So help me, this car had EYELASHES! No joke.
  2. Try to be informed...not just opinionated.
  3. Speak your mind- even if your voice shakes.
  4. Aspire. Attempt. Achieve.
  5. This mirror was barely stuck to this truck.
  6. I believe this was just duct tape.
  7. Nice!
  8. It's time to update this one!
  9. This is basically a red rubber tube Stuck To this Cars antenna. Weird.
  10. And carry a towel.
  11. Chimps will eventually evolve into zombies. Welcome to Portland.
  12. Also welcome to Portland.
    This car also had a Sasquatch, but the picture was blurry.
  13. Happy Camper.
  14. Bacon.